Why you should buy CS:GO stickers from Boston 2018

I will use strategy of comparing to proof you that boston stickers will double your money in less than 1 month

I will compare stickers from Atlanta 2017 and Boston 2018. My main criteria will be price and quantity.

Let's take a look at Astralis (foil) | Boston 2018

Astralis (foil) | Boston 2018

quantity: 8

price: 40$

Min buy offer is 35 but I don't shink someone will sell you sticker for that price, so le's count it as 40$

Now let's look at Astralis (foil) | Atlanta 2017

Astralis (foil) | Atlanta 2017

quantity: 11

price: 133$

Surprise surprise, its more quantity with way bigger price

Astralis (foil) | Atlanta 2017 Graphic

Astralis (foil) | Atlanta 2017

The red line marks at what stage sticker from Boston is. As you can see price will doubled in the next month

Conclusion: sticker from Boston 2018 are 100% grow investment, but you should hurry up. because it will grow very soon.