Find out about Case Hardened pattern in CS:GO. If you don't familiar with patterns, read our post about them

Case hardened has 4 types of petterns:

silver case hardened

Karambit | Case Hardened

Silver case hardened tended to be worst. Silver pattern isn't attractive, so people don't like him.

Overpay: you can't get overpay for silver pattern :(

purple case hardened

Purple has small patches of purple colors, usually at the edges of blue colors areas. Purple is considered rare when it has a lot of purple patches.

Overpay: If your case hardened has a lot purple patches like at the image, than it can be overpay on 50-70% of default price

gold case hardened

Case hardened can be considered gold if it has 95%+ of gold color. Gold is desired but not very rare pattern. Do not confuse gold pattern with silver, gold should has bright gold color

Overpay: Case hardened with full golden color can be overpay on 60-80% of default price

blue case hardened

Blue pattern is the most desired and rare. The bigger blue color area the rarest pattern. Be aware that it can't be 100% blue.

Overpay: Case hardened with 90% of blue color can be overpay on 500% of default price

  • If your skin has 35-45% of continuous blue color you can get 40-60% overpay
  • If your skin has 45-60% of continuous blue color you can get 60-100% overpay
  • If your skin has 60-80% of continuous blue color you can get 100-200% overpay
  • If you skin has 80%+ of continuous blue color then you are the luckiest person and can get 200%+ overpay