New Fracture Case And Crash of Shattered Web Case

Fracture Case

Why Shattered Web Case price dropped in price so much?

One reason why shattered web case was so popular and expensive is that it has 3 unique knives that you can knock out only in it

And guess what? The same knives were added to the Fracture case

fracture collection

That's the reason why shattered web dropped in price.

Should I sell my shattered web cases

Definitely not, shattered web case is unique, that's mean the amount of this case will only decreasaing.

And the lower amount the higher price

Lookout of Fracture Case and price forecast

Is has really good looking AK-47 | Legion of Anubis

AK 47 | Legion Of Anubis

Glock-18 | Vogue also worth attention

Glock | Vogue

I think that the fate of the Fracture case is the same as that of the Prisma 2 case, drawdown in price by at least 5 times in the near future