How to make profit on Shattered Web operation in CS:GO

article wrote 20.07.2020

Now Shattered Web operation is overhyped, so cases and stickers from that operation are growing at insane speed

Shattered Web Operation

Shattered Web Case

The cost of these cases has tripled in 2 weeks, but it won't grow forever, pretty soon it gonna decrease in price and then grow again with lower spead.

If you decide to buy cases or stickers now, you should understand that you won't get as much profit as if you did it 2 weeks ago, because price is high already.

Another way to make profit

Shattered Web consists not only of stickers and cases, there are also agents that haven't grown yet.


Soldier | Phoenix

Despite the fact that the case increased a couple of times, the cost of skins practically did not increase

AWP | Containment Breach

AWP | Containment Breach(Factory New)

So, if you wanna make profit on Shattered Web you should consider of buying agents and skins from cases.