New Logo in Team Liquid

team liquid logo

Team Liquid is going to announce new logo today 08/02/2021

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What would happen with prices of stickers?

Well, I think it will as usuall. Firstly, instant rise of prices, then the price will slowly but surely fall to intial.

How to make money on it?

The best strategy is to find stickers on marketplaces for default price and then immediately sell them in steam for higher price. If you're already have sticker it would great idea to sell them on pick price and resell them when they dtop to initial price.

How to know when some team is going to change their logo

The most obvious is to follow the biggest CS:GO channels and teams social media. But even if you do it, you can't be sure that the insight will be posted on social media before it's too late.

The best work strategy is to have insider that works directly in some team. The only disadvantage is that it's pretty hard to find one, so probably the first method is more real.