CS:GO Investments

If you want to get profit without wasting time, then investment is the perfect solution for you. All you have to do is invest in cs go items and wait until they grow in value. Basic investment principle is illustrated below.

Of course you can add money to a Swiss bank and also get % of this money. But the main difference is that from your deposit in the bank you will receive 1% per year, when with a competent investment to CS GO the minimum income will be 100%. Of course, investing in a bank is safer, in Steam your account may be banned and all your money will be lost, but you should not worry with a competent approach the probability of a ban is minimal.

Two main principles of good investments

Split the bank: for example, we have 1000 dollars, we have to divide it conditionally into 10 parts of 100 dollars each and invest from each of these parts in different skins, this is done for greater stability.

You invested all your money in one investment, it turned out to be not very successful, and for the year you mutilated your money by 1.5, that is, the net profit for the year amounted to 500 dollars

You divided your bank into 10 parts and invested. 5 investments were not very successful and they grew by 1.5, 4 other investments turned out to be more successful and grew by 2.5 and the last investment turned out to be very successful and it grew by 5. As a result, you increase your bank by (1.5 * 5 + 2.5 * 4 + 5) / 10 = 2.25. Net income is 1225 dollars

Understanding when to buy :

steam graph

There are several ways to understand when to buy an investment, the easiest is to simply compare

berlin2019 stickerlondon2018 sticker

In the pictures above two capsules from different majors, which took place in different years. Because the capsules with the same growth graphs will be very similar, which gives us the opportunity to determine when to invest with a simple comparison. Red circles indicate the degree of growth of the capsule from Berlin, as we can now see a great opportunity to invest in it.

There are many more different aspects of how to determine when to invest. We will regularly write about the best in our opinion investments in our Blog, so we highly recommend to check it.